The Band Of A Marching Band Essay

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To be in a marching band, one has to almost become one with the band. The instrument played is not a single aspect, but a part of a much larger whole that must be comfortable and confident together. When I first joined the band, I was not one of the more comfortable and confident people that fit in with everyone else. Most all band members are loud and proud of who they are, compared to myself, who always hid behind others and hated being the center of attention. However, almost everyone has that moment when they realize that everybody else is just as self conscious, just as scared, and just as awkward as they are. People can tell themselves that they are not, that they do not really care what others think, but until one realizes that the same fears and insecurities are shared by all, they never do feel completely comfortable. Joining marching band gave me the opportunity to explore new aspects of myself and realize that what I did only mattered to me, and that was the important thing. My marching baritone is a symbol of my social improvement, teaching me good leadership skills, and reminding me to always push myself to exceed my own expectations in what I believe I can or cannot do. I started playing my marching baritone in high school marching band, which was an environment that would lead to me breaking out of my shy silence and learning new things about myself. I was one freshman in the baritone section of about nine others in my class, and the only girl. The…

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