The Ban On Tobacco Advertising Essay

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“Arguments For and Against the Ban on Tobacco Advertising in India, Conflicts of Interest, and Steps in an Ethical Decision Making Process”
There were many arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India and many arguments against it. Also, a conflict of interest issue existed between the Indian government and the welfare of its citizens. However, governments can follow the steps in the ethical decision making process that are outlined in the course textbook in order to make a decision regarding tobacco advertising.
In the case study, there were many arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India. Some people favored banning tobacco advertisements in India because they believed it would help keep the younger generation from becoming smokers. More specifically, some in favor of the ban feared that the tobacco advertising was targeting children and adolescents and influencing them to start smoking early (Dutta & Venkatakrishnan, 2001). Thus, they believed that banning tobacco advertising would prevent the industry from targeting these individuals. Another argument in favor of the ban on tobacco advertisements in India had to do with legal precedence. Many pointed out in the case study that the ban in India followed legal precedents in other countries like France, Finland, and Norway. Those in favor of the ban in other countries, including the Supreme Court in Belgium and the French Constitutional Council, believed that banning tobacco advertising…

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