The Ban On Tobacco Advertising By The Government Of India Essay examples

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This essay analyzes the “Ban on Tobacco advertising by the Government of India. The key aspects discussed in the article by IBS Center for Management Research, (2001) and retrieved from, discusses the point of views of those for, and against the ban. The argument of the “ayes” is that the proposed legislations is not uncommon in the democratic world and is in keeping with decisions that have been taken internationally by other countries. Generally, ethics is about what one perceives to be right or wrong, or behaviors which the individual deems to be acceptable. Ethics plays a very important role in management. (Carpenter, Taylor, & Erdogan, 2009, p. 71 explains the “ethical behavior among managers is even more important in organizations because leaders set the moral tone of the organization and serve as role models.” The government of India has a moral obligation to its people, therefore keeping up with international standards on smoking, in this case, would be considered as “good ethical and moral behavior”. The article cited France and Belgium as examples where the governments and the courts have enforced such bans. Therefore, the announcement by the Government of India to table a bill banning tobacco companies from advertising their products and sponsoring sporting and cultural events was no exception. To justify their agreements with the ban the “ayes” referred to facts presented by the…

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