The Ban Of Cigarette Advertising Essay examples

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There has been an issue in India for years and the controversy at the heart of the debate is the same that has echoed in countries around the world; the ethical challenge brought on by the tobacco industry. How can India ban cigarettes advertising (public health issue) while accepting money brought in because of tobacco? The red flag has been thrown, the government conflict of interest is clear - profit from sales vs. allowing tobacco companies to advertisements to their future consumers, teens.

Looking at the arguments both for and against the banning of cigarette advertising there is a thin veneer with both sides using the rallying points of health issues and money. India wanted to use an out of sight out of mind concept; if teens did not see advertisements they would not be encourage to smoke. India was hoping the break between selling and seeing advertisement would allow the government to put in place controls that would start an anti-Tobacco Program. There are some compelling arguments for and against an advertisement band. Those that argue want cigarette advertising the arguments seem valid.

· Some say India’s government was attempting to vein an interest in public health to gain popularity from citizens.
· Free trade is an issue echoed by cigarette companies saying if they are not allowed to advertise, their product is placed at a disadvantage when competing for the revenue generated by cigarette sales between the world wide cigarette…

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