The Ballet 's Lack Of Diversity Essay

1439 Words Jul 30th, 2016 null Page
This project will examine the ballet’s lack of diversity, which is still experienced in 2016. Even thought more American companies are establishing inclusive policies, until this date they represent the minority. There should be progression in race-related variety on stage, mostly in the U.S. where the population is so diversified. However, is it because of the monetary variance, the absence of role to replicated for future dancers, the necessity of reinforcement from educational institutions and professional ballet companies, or simply because there is still a probability of racism functioning in the ballet world.

In order to examine on the reasoning for the lack of diversity in the world of classical ballet, it requires to go way back deep into the roots of the origins of ballet. Admittedly, it began around the Renaissance, the year of 1500, among the Italians courts of nobles and royals. In fact, the terminology of “ballet” has it roots from the Italian “Ballare", which means to dance. It was an aristocrat dance use to lure their royals event and affairs. There were detailed shows in which the Master thought the dance to the nobles, and the entire court participated in the spectacles. Yet, it was not until the 16th, when Catherine de Medici — an Italian noblewoman, and the spouse of the King Henry II, and a lover of the arts — began to sponsor this kind of dance at the french courts. Then, the following century, it was King Louis XIV, a very enthusiastic dancer…

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