Essay on The Ballad Of General Fisheye

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The Ballad of General Fisheye, of the People’s Liberation Army Earl Lovelace’s, “The Dragon Can’t Dance” is the story of the people living in the town of Cavalry Hill, a slum in the Port of Spain. Oppression and poverty runs rampant throughout the city and plays a heavy role in the everyday life of most of its residents specifically, a man named Fisheye. Fisheye, the former leader of an anti-oppression group, portrays the oppressed citizen in that he both characterizes someone who is being oppressed and also resists, but ultimately cannot stop his white oppressors. Through dialogue, acts of violence, and rebellion Fisheye embodies the perfect idea of someone who is being persecuted. To show how Fisheye is being oppressed and how it affects his life, this paper will be looking at different instances in which he characterizes or portrays one of the oppressed. In the beginning of the story while the main character, Aldrick Prospect, is making the costume he makes for Carnival (a Christian holiday that occurs just before Lent) every year, a young boy named Basil sits with him while he works on his dragon costume. After a brief series of events, Aldrick realizes how late the time is and insists that Basil go home to his family. The boy then refuses to go home because of his abusive stepfather, Fisheye. This is the first time the reader hears about Fisheye and it is clearly meant to portray him in a negative light, or else he wouldn’t be beating his family in the first place.…

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