The Bald Eagle, Nike, The Structure Of Government Buildings And Libraries

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The bald eagle, Nike, the structure of government buildings and libraries, what do these things have in common you ask? The answer is quite simply that they were all influenced from something in Greek Mythology. Greek mythology and Greek culture in general have had a major impact on American culture. “You can’t walk to any U.S city without seeing something that has been influenced by the Greeks,” says Chiron, a character from one of Rick Riordan’s, popular writer of the Percy Jackson books and former middle school mythology teacher, books. There have also been plays from Greek times that have been modernized so then we can relate more to the story, such as Fiona Macintosh’s Agamemnon which is based off the story of Jason and the Argonauts. Most of the English that we speak and most literature in general were started back during the Greek times. One researcher has composited a book that helps us look at the evolution of literature. Politics have also been influenced by the Greeks and we still use some of their practices today combined with our own. Thierry Oppeneer, political expert and Greek researcher, created Democratic Elements in the Greek cities of the Roman Empire which informs us of how politics were back then and how we’ve transformed it into the politics we know today. Rick Riordan, famous writer of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, has noted multiple influences that the Greeks had on American culture. Riordan emphasizes these influences…

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