Essay about The Balanced M The Balance Man

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The Balanced Man Many boys grow up to have unbalanced lives because of the influence they are provided with as a child into adulthood. There are many theories to what shapes a boy into a man and his behavior and actions. Some of the most heavily weighed influences would be their parents, the media, and peer groups. The combination of these three things can really mold a person either man or woman. We might sit and wonder about our own children and how what we have done up until this point and how it has affected them. We could also wonder what we could have done differently. Although there have been many changes to support a different generation of men, the issues remain the same. Men are taught that women are a prize and they want the shiniest biggest medal. They will lose their identity to please society and be the all-star. Let’s start by looking at how parents can influence young boys to start the journey as men. Early on we often see parents pushing their sons to trucks, blue and manly activities. When their son falls or is upset the father will often say “suck it up son be a man.” This coddles the idea that boy and men are not to show emotion when they are hurt or sad. The mom will go along with the dad supporting what she things to be true as well. Young boys start seeing their fathers gawk and lust after women and their appearance, whether it is the mother or a woman on television. Often you will hear the praise of a father when his son does something to…

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