Count Olfa's House By Lemony Snicket

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The bad beginning story takes place in an unidentified place. The author Lemony Snicket never actually mentioned the name of the city. He mentioned several places they went to, but he didn’t mention the name of the city. Furthermore, he didn’t mention what year the story took place in. He even made it hard to guess by mentioning that Mr. Poe was driving a car, and then all the sudden it’s said that there are horse carriages. Several places that were mentioned in the story are below.
• The story begins at a beach called the Briny beach. In this beach the three orphans were sat quietly and enjoyed their time. The weather was kind of cool and it was mentioned that the sky was gray. In this place, Mr. Poe informs the children that their parents have died in a fire that destroyed their entire house.
• After that, the children go to Mr. Poe’s house until he finds them a guardian, which is in this case the evil man, Count Olaf.
• In the story Count Olfa’s house in described. The bricks were stained with dust and dirt. There were only two small windows. Above the windows was a tall and dirty tower that tilted slightly to the left. The front door needed to be repainted. The entire building bent to the side, like a curved tooth.
• Next to Count Olaf’s house, is Justice Strauss house. He house was beautiful and clean. She had a huge, nice, and a well organized garden.
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I highly recommend this novel for readers between the ages of nine and fourteen, especially for people who are fans of dark and gloomy stories. The novel was amazing, and at the same time interesting and exciting. The novel also contained some ironic twists which made me more excited to predict what will happen next in the story. After all, the novel the bad beginning, was a great novel and I really enjoyed reading it due to its great themes and the style of the

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