The Backgrounds Of Queen Elizabeth I And William Shakespeare

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For thousands of years, human-beings have developed their own languages during the time. As well as England, many stories of how the English language has been developed have been told. One of the most significant and influential events was Elizabethan era. During this era, one of the most important people of all time was born; William Shakespeare. To clarify, both Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare had inspired many people and both made their own great histories. Queen Elizabeth I supported arts, music, and Christianity while Shakespeare created masterpieces of great plays, and sonnets that no one can overcome. This paper is to inform about the backgrounds of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, and also to discuss about one of his plays; …show more content…
It was published in the First Folio in the year of 1623. There are 3 main characters; Timon, Flavius, and Alcibiades. Timon is a rich and kind lord living in Athens. He likes to spend money for no reasons and loves to give it to others. He can give anything to his friends in order to make them happy. However, his steward and one friend, Flavius and Alcibiades, have warned him so many times about how he spends money and how he spends money in this way. Unfortunately, those words come true when Timon has lost all of his money, and he tries to seek help from those fake friends he gave money to. Those friends turn Timon’s request down. That is the time when Timon realizes that there are no real friends and this is the reason why he seeks revenge from those people. Plus, that is the time that Alcibiades, one friend of Timon, swears to himself that he will seek revenge for Timon. Timon holds a small banquet and invites only those who have betrayed him while Alcibiades goes to the council and declares that those fake friends of Timon must die. In Timon’s small party, under dishes are rocks and disgusting water. Guests are shocked. Timon starts to throw everything at them and finally, flees his estate. Timon suddenly leaves the city and habit in a cave where he calls as “his new home”. During his stay, he has found gold hidden under the cave. …show more content…
More flowers I noted, yet I none could see
But sweet or colour it had stol’n from thee (Kennedy, 2012)”
- William Shakespeare
To define, Shakespeare blames the violet for stealing smell and purple color from his woman’s breathe and veins respectively, the lily for stealing white skin from hands, and lastly, the marjoram for stealing your hair. To clarify, all flowers in the sonnet are criticized for stealing all great characteristics of his lover (Sonnet 99, 2016). For contribution, although the meaning of the sonnet may be familiar to many people, this sonnet is totally different from other sonnets. To be specific, sonnet 99 is one of the three abnormal sonnets that Shakespeare wrote. It has 15 lines whereas normal sonnets have only 14 lines (Analysis, 2010). Moreover, some old-fashioned grammars are detected above as well. To illustrate, “e” in “en” in verb 3 or “ed” in verb 2 was written as ’ instead. For example, according to the sonnet, “But sweet or colour it had stol’n from thee” can be modernly written as “But sweet or colour it had stolen from thee”. According to the previous example, “thee” is also one of the words that have been changed. To illustrate. “thee” in the phrase

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