The Aztecs And The Aztec Economy Essay

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The Aztecs were a very important civilization with new rich ideas and new ways of life. They had a new system of government which was close to democracy. They gave women more rights than most other civilizations and their creative ideas such as the tumpline strap and the source of money provided an influence to our time. Even before they started the conquests to build their empire, the Aztecs built one of the most prosperous Mesoamerican cities for that time. All of these innovations and new ideas heavily influenced the Americas today.
One of the ways the Aztecs became a very successful tribe because of their economy and important cities. Aztec cities always had markets open and the amount of people that came was incredible. Almost 60,000 people per day went from market to market trading goods and sharing new ideas with others. The Aztec economy had two different ways of buying or selling. One way was a barter system where they would trade certain amounts of goods for other goods. Another way that is similar to us is the use of a money system. Cacao beans were a valuable resource that was used as a source of money. People went to different markets using Cacao beans to collect goods. These ways helped the Aztec economy boom. The Aztecs also became very successful because of all of the things that they traded. They traded from rabbits, birds, dogs, fish, and turkeys, to chili peppers, maize (corn), or tomatoes. People could also trade for raw materials or materials that…

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