Essay The Aztecs And The Aztec Culture

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The Aztecs or as they called themselves Mexicas, borrowed much of their culture from the Toltec and they were believed to be the originators of the culture. The Aztecs were well known for their ability and powerful dominance during their quest, their beliefs were always centered on their religion and gods. This was one of the most powerful kingdoms at the time. During the pre- conquest Aztecs were an empire that was notorious because of its prosperous agricultural. Their arts, education, spiritual traditions and rituals also characterized Aztec’s and were the reason they survive building a strong foundation for their future leaders.
The Aztecs build their city in a place between Mexico and Central America. This place was called Mesoamerica. The Aztecs told a legend that Huitzilopochtli the god of water told them to leave Azatlan and look for another place. The sign that they have found the new place would be an eagle perched on a cactus growing on a rock and eating a snake. The Aztecs have wondered for many years until they found Lake Texcoco. Here they build their empire and their largest and most notorious city was Tenochtitlan, which is now the center of the Mexican city. During the 1500s the city had around 200,000 members who made it the worlds largest cities and even with this in mind it was the cleanest city in the world. The Aztecs spoke the language Nahuatl. Aztec had a clear vision of what they wanted and where they wanted to live. Everything around them was…

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