The Aztec Empire Essay examples

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To gain control over other groups of people was the main goal of any empire, but for it to actually happen became a reality for The Aztec Empire. Established in 1428, The Aztec Empire found its home in Central America. A sign from the gods brought them to a location where they would later established a capital called Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs would build from there and form alliances with others in the region soon to become a great power in Central American area.Feared by most civilizations, the Aztecs easily took over others and gained control of their rivaled lands. They also gained technologically staying ahead of their time, they had the knowledge that other empires. The Aztec Empire became one of the strongest Mesoamerican empires to ever exist through the conquest of Mexico because of encounters, exchanges, and advancements involving other cultures. A sign from the gods proved to be the deciding factor where the Aztec empire would settle creating their capital. The religion of the Aztecs was the reason they took over a large part of central Mesoamerica. The Aztecs supported many gods that they worshipped on a daily basis. The dedicated their everyday life just to keep the gods happy because the Aztecs believed they controlled every part of life. Temple 's were created for the most important gods and performed many rituals that were believed to please the gods so they would be treated good. Sometimes they would even interpret signs to be sent from the gods. For…

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