The Aztec Empire And The Inca Empire Essay

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The Aztecs were ethnic groups of central Mexico who grew to conquer large areas Mesoamerica known as the Aztec Empire. The Incan Empire was a civilization along the coast of South America that conquered neighboring regions through their military strengths. While both the Aztecs and Incas had similar social hierarchies consisting of the elite, government officials, and commoners, the Aztecs had no structured form of government only paying tributes to officials compared to the Incas’ military ran bureaucracy.
The Aztec Empire and the Incan Empire shared similar structures of their social class. Both empires had emperors from royal families that were given their position from heredity. The aristocrats from both empires wore special clothing to distinguish themselves from others; the Aztec aristocrats draped themselves with cotton and wore feathers while the Inca aristocrats wore bright colors and large ear spools. Both aristocracies wore elaborate clothing to announce their wealth compared to others and because they had the access to fine wear. Priests were also valued in each civilization because religion was incorporated into their government, and they believed that the priests had the ability to teach of lessons and values that would please the gods in order to have prosperous land for agriculture. In the Aztec Empire, priests received special education in religion and ritual traditions and had a strong influence on the government; one priest, Motecuzoma II, even became…

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