The Aztec And The Maya Essays

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Third Paper
The Aztec and the Maya are well-known Mesoamerican civilizations. These civilizations are widely known today as a result of the preserved artifacts and origin stories. Some artifacts found from the Aztec culture are pieces of stonework that depict gods, calendars, and origin stories. The most preserved and sought after artifacts are those of the Maya. The Maya civilization passed on their life work in calendars and origin stories. These objects have provided insight of who the Aztecs and Mayan were and it has enabled us to grasp a better understanding of their culture and religion. But most importantly it has helped us find similarities and differences between the Aztec and the Maya.
The Aztec and Maya were two very distinct civilizations but they do have a few factors in common. There are traces of continuity between the two civilizations. For example, ritualistic practices such as bloodletting and human sacrifice were practiced during the time of the Aztec and Maya. But these ritualistic practices did not originate from either the Aztec or the Maya, these practices originated from previous Mesoamerican cultures. A ritualistic practice that became prominent in both civilizations was self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice was an important ritualistic practice because it was how one proved their capability of giving up one’s own interest and wellbeing in order to help with the renewal of the civilization. Within the origin stories of the Aztec and the Maya,…

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