The Aztec And Incan Empires Essay examples

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Hogan-Stark Olive
Professor Brian Larkin
History 121
15 October 2014
The validity of the statement, “The Aztec and Incan Empires grew so large and so rapidly primarily because of religion,” can be strongly supported. It is seen why with knowledge of the Aztec and Incan’s collective statistics on their size and collective histories of the importance of religious practices in their cultures. Religion was a fundamental part of their lives (Malpass, 101). It deserves the most credit for the quick growth of the empires because it was the sole thing related to the well-beings of the populations and the expansion of their societies. The two empires grew large fast because of their similar religion’s influence on day-to-day life.
Despite challenges in their region’s environment, the Incan Civilization grew to an extravagant size. Remarkably, despite arid coasts, highlands, and foothills the empire extended over 300,000 square miles, from Columbia to Chili and from Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains. (Tyson) “When the Spanish conquistadores, led by Francisco Pizarro, landed in northern Peru in A.D. 1532, they encountered an empire more vast than any previously known in the new world (Malpass, 1).” At the empires height, between six and twelve million people lived under Incan rule (Tyson). Aztec civilization contained some twenty-two million people at its height, making it more populous than any empire in Europe (Sill). The empire, “Stretched for more than 80,000 square…

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