The Axis Powers During The World War II Essay

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The Second World War allowed for the three Axis powers to rise to power and infamy. These powers consisted of Germany, Japan and Italy. The Axis Powers fought a long and difficult fight for victory over most of the western world. Towards the end of war the Axis powers ended up losing more than what they what began with. The Axis powers then had to endure major repercussions and consequences. What follows is an analysis of the various ways that the former world powers suffered. The ways in which the Axis powers suffered are shown in the political, social and economic realms.

The political changes made as an aftermath of the Second World War affected the Axis powers significantly. The country that got the forefront of the punishment of course was Germany. After peace treaties established in Potsdam Germany, the country was split in two parts known as East and West Germany. The eastern part of Germany was by a communist party while the western part was run by a democratic party. As for the German Nazi leaders and sympathizers that remained in the country, those responsible were all tried and charged with crimes against humanity and executed while those remaining only served minor sentences. Germany also lost all major land captured during the war. (English Online)

The political changes made in Japan while not as severe as Germany still affected the country greatly. First off Japan lost all territory gained before 1894 and was placed under allied occupation in august 1945…

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