The Awareness Phase Of The Learning Cycle Essay

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Vygotsky theorized that children develop their own ways to think through problems as they grow and develop. They gain mental abilities and use them in everyday activities like communicating. This is part of the awareness phase of the learning cycle. Children become aware of themselves, others and different things in their environment. As the child begins to explore their environment they are challenged as described by Vygotsky in the zone of proximal development and they begin to learn more challenging and complex things. They do this by asking questions and comparing what they know with the new things they have learned. This is covered in the exploration and the inquiry phase of the learning cycle. Then, finally the children are able to apply what they have learned to the new experiences they have throughout the day at home, school, or wherever they may go, and this is the utilization phase of the learning cycle.
Piaget theorized that children begin in the sensorimotor period where they use their senses to learn about the world around them. This corresponds with the awareness and exploration phase of the learning cycle. Because the children explore their environment during this phase as they use their sense to learn. During the preoperational period, children develop different concepts that they begin to compare and contrast with themselves and their own culture and experiences to help them better understand the world around them. This corresponds with the inquiry…

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