The Awakening By Kate Chopin Essay

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Eminent 20th century writer, Kate Chopin, achieved literary prestige through her numerous publications that address a feminist ideology; however, such ideas conjured widespread controversy during her time, as it was unconventional for a woman to dare question the role society assigned to her. In 1899, she published her most well-known work, The Awakening, a story that follows the life of Edna Pontellier as she reevaluates whether being a wife and mother is enough to make her happy, while concomitantly abandoning her duties and engaging in multiple affairs as she does so. Chopin originally received fierce backlash from critics who condemned her novel based on what they described as unwholesome and immoral themes. It was not until years later in the 1960’s that Chopin’s novel attained the positive recognition for its addressment of feminist ideals that she desired (Sprinkle).
Roughly five years prior to the release of The Awakening, Chopin published a short story entitled “The Story of an Hour,” a work critics later described as a miniature of her novel due to the similarities in feminist topics. The story follows Louise Mallard as she transitions from a distraught widow to a woman filled with triumph after becoming aware of her assumed newfound freedom due to the absence of her husband. Chopin closely examines such a transformation within her character in order to depict the sheltered lives of women during her time. Through the use of figurative language to convey Louise’s…

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