The Awakening by Kate Chopin Essay

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin exemplifies how characters get caught between colliding cultures that deal with ethnic and institutional issues. The protagonist Edna Pontellier deals with cultural collisions, due to their role in the awakening of her desires. This cultural collision happens between the Creole women from New Orleans and Edna’s own accustoms, this collision causes Edna to have an epiphany. Edna realizes how different she is from the Creole women and begins to question where she really fits in society. She tries to fit the standards but fails, this allows Edna to understand that she is an individual and allows her to discover herself by creating an entire set of standards to hold herself to. These new standards lead Edna to …show more content…
Edna comes from a culture that is prone to be reserved whereas the Creole women in Grand Isle are not. For example Edna is not used to speaking about “accouchements, withholding no intimate detail…[Edna] could not keep the mounting color back from her cheek” (Chopin 19) when hearing Creole women speak very expressively. Adèle Ratignolle is specially an “[influence], both subtle and apparent, working in their several ways to induce loosen a little”(pg27). By the influences of Mrs.Ratignolle Edna begins to realize the reasons for her letting go of some of her reserved characteristics. “I was just a little unthinking child in those days, just following a misleading impulse without question…But…sometimes I feel this summer as if I were waling through the green meadow again, idly, aimlessly, unthinking and unguided…”(Chopin 32), this quote suggests that Edna is like a child following influences. When a child one does not think about what is right or wrong, a child follows the environment around and is pushed by every influence because the world around them is new. This also happens to Edna; because she is found in a new place where the culture is different she is easily seduced and impulse by the characters actions. Edna is surrounded by this new environment and must choose what will influence and what will not, Edna decide to be influenced by anything that awakens her desires. These desires lead to Edna question the places and

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