Essay on The Aviation Rating Force Master Chiefs

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1. The analysis conducted by the COMDT (CG-41), the Aviation Rating Force Master Chiefs, and Forcecom concluded the antiquated Airman (AN) program would be run more efficiently if integrated with Class “A” School. The main support for this decision stated that integration eliminates AN training burden on units, standardizes instruction, and saves administrative effort and travel cost (a). However recent feedback from senior supervisors indicates many of the newly graduated “A” School students are entering the workforce less prepared to provide immediate value to maintenance and mission support. A decline in knowledge of rudimentary line crew and maintenance skill is prevalent while the average time spent in the qualification process for basic aircrew has increased. These deficiencies do not make the best use of the services resources because they demand more attention and time from training personnel to meet the required standard. As a result, senior members who fill these roles are removed from the maintenance environment to fulfill the instructor role. The void created by removal of these experienced members comes at a time of diminished expertise and manpower in the aviation labor force. These concerns can be remedied through early assessment and on-the-job training through apprentice programs because they help improve the level of performance resulting in higher productivity, they reduce supervision, and they create a more flexible and eager member who works more…

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