The Aviation And Aerospace Industry Essay

1493 Words Dec 8th, 2015 6 Pages
The aviation and aerospace is one promising front in terms of careers and opportunities. Just like any industries in the 21st Century, aviation and aerospace industry is a complex one that requires skilled labor in all of its ranks. The demand for the various job positions in the industry is motivated by both inadequate skilled personnel and the rapidly increasing demand for the airline transport. From the beginning, aviation opportunities were believed to be only piloting, engineering, and machine operator. Well, as that notion is gradually fading, more and more opportunities are springing up in the exponentially increasing airline companies (Goglia, 2014). These are air traffic control, airline ground staff, cabin crew as well as airline business service category opportunities. In addition, according to Goglia (2014), the recent layoffs, wage cuts and furloughs in the aviation industry, together with the expected global aviation industry growth, only makes the industry having a “looming shortage” in terms of its pilots, operators and engineering staff.
As an individual, it is crucial to develop oneself in both skills and personality in order to get to these opportunities that are opening. Strong focus and self-awareness are the key aspects in realizing one’s dreams. The choice of the course, the experience and research on aviation will help one keep track of their way towards theattainment of these opportunities. Self-leadership is an important requirement in…

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