The Average Driver Wastes 375 Liters Of Gasoline A Year Essay

1904 Words Oct 10th, 2016 8 Pages
The average driver wastes 375 liters of gasoline a year, which adds up to $1160 per year in rush hour traffic. In today’s world, these statistics are not only outrageous, but also unacceptable. Even in the early twentieth century people had begun to figure out what was necessary in order to increase the efficiency of traffic flow throughout large cities, such as New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, which were the main cities first exposed to the Jitney Bus. The first “Jitney”, created by L.P. Draper in Los Angeles, was at first a simple offer from one man to another for a five cent ride to go a short distance. In less than a year, the business took off nationwide, with 62,000 Jitneys being driven every day (Mitchell). The influence of the Jitney on transportation in its time accompanied with the seemingly unfixable traffic problems in the past few decades have led today’s leaders to seek a solution for the future. This solution, they have found, is using today’s cell phones to create quick and affordable means of transportation by calling rides over the internet and having them available to commuters in less than a few minutes. Companies have jumped on this opportunity, leading to the creation of Uber, Lyft, and various other similar businesses, which have slowly begun to monopolize the transportation within specific cities. With entrepreneurs continued use, innovation, and invention, carpooling will not only solve environmental problems, but also increase the efficiency of…

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