Essay on The Average Cost Of Incarceration

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1. What is the average cost of incarceration in Australia? Does it vary from an institution to an institution? Why? (4 marks)

According to the 2015 Government Services Report, average annual cost of incarceration for an adult in Australia, is $111.325. Nationally, it costs approximately $219,000 to incarcerate a youth annually. The costs of incarceration in Australia vary from to institution and depend on several factors. These include the location of the prison, the number of prisoners, the programs offered and the security level of the prison. Usually the more secure a prison is designed to be, the more expensive it is. For example, the initial cost of bed in a maximum security prison is more than $98,000 whereas the initial cost of a bed in a minimum security prison is more than $32,000.

2. The video shown in class, Concrete, Steel and Paint, showed the complexity of restoration and healing for victims as well as transformation for offenders. Please specify the positive outcomes of the project (the creation of the two murals) for the victims, offenders and the general community! (4 marks)

Offenders, victims of crime and victims’ advocates work together on two murals which represent concepts such as ‘healing’, forgiveness, reflection, remorse, grief and hope. The project provides the opportunity for a respectful dialogue to occur between the offenders and victims about their views on crime, justice, punishment and reconciliation. The male offenders felt that…

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