The Average American Family Essay

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Different people might have different opinions on what a typical American family is and what it consist of. “The American family structure is considered a traditional family support system involving two married individuals providing care and stability for their biological offspring.” stated by Wikipedia. A husband, wife, and a child are the foundation of a typical American family. Giving details of what an American family consist of and looking more in depth to what makes up their home is the objective of this essay.
A typical American family has a husband, wife, child, one car, and apartment. The apartment is a small two bedroom, facility that also includes living room and dining room area. The couple has their bedroom which
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Working long hours, the husband feel as though it is not necessary or it is not his duty to do household work. The husband works long hours and is always complaining that he is tired. As a result of him being tired he spends minimal time with his child. He doesn’t intentionally ignore his son but selfishly doesn’t consider his son’s need for his father’s attention. The typical American husband pays for half of his share of bills. He believes he should only pay half of his share of bills because he works hard for his money and should be able to have extra money for his own personal needs and pleasure. The husband sometimes can puts his own needs above all else.

Moving forward with the wife, she is a hard worker. She works full time as well in a more quite, office setting. She meets all the needs for her child, such as taking him to school, making sure his homework is done, and having him fed. She does all the household tasks and works hard in keeping her apartment clean. She pays for her share of half the bills and even more, such as the responsibility for the purchasing of groceries. The American family wife is giving and cares for her family’s needs. Having so much on her plate bring stress upon her.
The American family consists of many obstacles, but they make the family work and make their home come together. A typical American family has an average middle class income.

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