Hybrid Cars Research Papers

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The automobile is the most romantic of all machines ever created by man. Romantic because it is personal. An automobile is a machine that consists of a driver, sometimes passengers and cargo as well. It consists of a power source that guides the vehicle by controlling the wheels placed upon. Though out timeline of the automobile the space allotted for these ingredients has changed according to needs and desires of the buyers. So, basically this machine created by man ranges from nostalgia to present and upcoming concepts. Anything that has been “created”, from universe to a car has always made us ask a simple question “Where did this all began?”
Men like Leonardo Da Vinci (of year 1452) always dreamed of horse less carriage that drove itself.
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This has been because when in 1970 emissions concerns were on the rise, they were conquered by computerized power source management systems. Back in 70’s a high end sports car had 200 horsepower. And as of now an average passenger car engines are that powerful, thanks to advancement in computer technology. As of today automakers still focus on lesser emissions and higher output. Which is great! Because it will do two things: We get better vehicles and lower maintenance. Talking about two things, the hybrid technology is on the rise. A hybrid vehicle is basically an automobile that derives its power from two power sources. As of now the most widely experimented power sources are internal combustion engine and electric motors. Which are placed together in a complex mechanical and technical manner to use both power sources to drive the vehicle. These hybrids help lower the emissions and increase the horsepower and overall velocity of the car. Many leading sport car manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche have also adopted this technology for their latest creations. Because the combination of these two distinct motors is like none other. And this concept of hybrid technology is evolving as you are reading through this

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