Essay The Automobile Industry Of America

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The Automotive industry in America began in the 1890’s, because of the size of the United State internal markets and the use of crowd-production. In 1983’s the American auto industry was overwhelmed by Japan as the largest automobile producer, and subsequently by China in 2008. America is the currently the second automobile producer in the world by volume. It was approximated that 8-10 million automobiles are manufactured annually in America.
The automotive sector is a major industry in America. The invention of the automobile in the late 1800 has revolutionized transportation in America. It was not until Henry Ford in 1903 with his Ford Motor company, was then made automobile available to every Americans. Ford’s invention of the assembly line brought the automobile sector into a large industry in America’s economy. The automobile industry of America stated manufacturing with hundreds of manufactures, but the industry continued to prosper with three large companies; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler which all together known as Detroit’s Big Three. According to Veronica Franco of Market Research, she stated that the auto industry had almost $905.3 billion global value in 2010. This means that the American automobile is going to continue growing. However, in 2008 the industry was disturbed by the aforementioned crisis, which filed the General Motors and Chrysler to undergo bankrupt. Therefore, loans and investment from the federal government was issued to solve of the…

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