The Automobile Industry Impacted The Way Of Life Essay

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The automobile industry impacted the way of life in The United States of America forever. The car used be a machine that only few rich people had and were slow to the point of inefficiency. However, with the introduction of combustion engines, cars became a faster and more efficient form of transportation in comparison to the carriage or the train for short distance travel. With the introduction of the assembly line, manufacturing cars took a significant cut in production time leading to cheaper production costs. Less time to build meant that more cars could be built in a timely matter. Simple supply and demand is reflected and the price of cars goes down as supply is high. Now middle class citizens can move out of the cramped cities leaving all the poor menial laborers to stay behind. The act of these rich and middle class people moving out leads to the creation of suburbs, towns just outside cities usually occupied by the aforementioned rich and middle class people. With cars being more common however, more high end/luxury/sports cars were built to please the rich and become a symbol of high status/wealth. The effects of cars in real life history is reflected in the story. The cars Gatsby, Tom, and Wilson have and the places they live, West egg, East egg, and The Valley of Ashes reflect the impact the automobile industry had on the way people live. The idea and reality of the suburbs and cramped, lousy cities appears in the book through west egg and east egg. These…

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