Essay on The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X Essay Topic 2
Malcolm’s first visit to Harlem occurs when he is a young adult working at a diner. Malcolm is astonished by the culture and atmosphere of this city, particularly the heavy African American presence and the loose apartheid for them. Mecca brings a whole new world to Malcolm along with a brand new perception for life. Malcolm X uses many descriptive techniques to put the reader in his shoes as well as in his mind as he found his sense of place in these two cities. Malcolm comes to Harlem young and with no real place or role in the world. He soon finds his outlet by joining with other local hoodrats, committing crime and using drugs. At this point in his life he is very fond of the city fitting in with crazy suits and lye-cooked hair, to match the abstract tone of Harlem. When Malcolm comes back to Harlem after nearly 9 years away “with my natural kinky red hair now close-cropped, in place of the old long-haired, lye-cooked conk they had always known on my head, I know I looked much different” (X 219). Malcolm often uses complex sentences with many adjectives to describe what he was experiencing or felt during this time. At this time when he returns to Harlem he is comparing his older new self to his older young self physically. He is very different in fact the reader could argue he is hardly the same person, this could be what Malcolm X is really trying to convey to the reader. By adding a through description the reader can…

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