The Autobiography Of Malcolm X Essay examples

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X was not only a depiction of Malcolm X’s life but it also presented racial discrimination that he faced. A large portion of the book revealed and described the rigorousness that he and minorities like him faced. Malcolm’s experience of racial discrimination from both races, black and white exhibits the extent to which racism is still ingrained in society. It also displayed that racial discrimination and injustice were not exclusive to just the South but was a nationwide dilemma.
Malcolm X, initially named Malcolm Little, entered the world on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska to Earl and Louise Little. His father, Earl Little, a Baptist diplomatic minister spent his days helping the black community and had hopes on returning to Africa. Louise, Malcolm’s light brown mother, dealt with welfare agencies who did not believe she was fit to take care of her children because of the color of her skin. Fearful for their family, Earl Little moved the family to Lansing, Michigan anticipating that racism was less astringent in the northern regions of the United States, but there in the North was where Mr. Earl was killed by a white racist. Louise had to then raise the kids alone with very little income. She was unable to make a living and was so distraught that white officials admitted her into a mental institution. Malcolm was then placed in foster care and adopted by a white family called the Swerlins.
As the only light skinned son, Malcolm found that there…

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