Essay on The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

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The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin explains the life of this amazing man in history. I this autobiography it focuses on the revolution years as one may expect to learn from this biography about Benjamin Franklin’s; origins, family and all the decisions and events that lead him to become the grandfather of the American nation. Due to the deep description of the situations that Benjamin Franklin went through and the different cities that he visited in this autobiography, draws a visual idea of how a lot of things were back then, for example it describes; the social aspect of colonies, how the cities were organized, the way that the government was ran as well, as one of the most important things, how a colonial family used to be like. The average colonial family was based on traditionalism. The Father was the head of the house, the mother was the care taker and the children were where the Father was the head of the family and all the decisions of the family were made by him. Well described by the book, the role of the Fatherly role in the family is the main character whom governs the decisions of the Family. The woman was rarely spoken of, there was a lack of information describing the activities or what their role was in society was, however Franklin gives a few hints that help to understand the gender positions and their parts in the colonies. The difference in the gender roles in Colonial times can be seen on the difference of how Franklin describes his father and…

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