The Autism Spectrum Disorders And More Specifically The Sub Category Of High Functioning

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In this project, I plan to address the Autism Spectrum Disorders and more specifically the sub-category of high functioning autism. I chose to study this area of disability because I have worked for one year as supportive personnel for a student with autism and many times I tried to organize activities and support him in general classroom. Also, my thesis was about teachers’ perceptions of the inclusive education for children with autism. Therefore, I would like to enrich my knowledge in that field.
Firstly, I define the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as the setting in which I would like to work and implement the teaching strategies. In order to select an intervention strategy, it is necessary to look for the potential challenges that stem from the area of disability as well as the setting in which the instructor plans to apply them. Secondly, I describe the research based strategies that I found through the literature review, for students with high functioning autism. Another important factor in special education is the family involvement as parents want to be involved in the child’s education (Heward, 2013). Moreover, I collected a list of community services that are available so as to help the parents to have access to information and contact professionals for their child’s evaluation and support. Also, I conducted an interview with a mother of a child with Asperger Syndrome. The last part of the portfolio includes a reflection of all the information…

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