The Authors Of Dracula And Frankenstein Essay

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The authors of Dracula and Frankenstein lived during an era of ideological conflict. During the nineteenth century religion heavily influenced every social class, but science was advancing at rapid pace challenging the traditional institutions of society. Many began to question and challenge the methods of the old institutions, such as religion or the old sciences. This provoked anxiety among many, due to the exponential growth of the sciences. Such fear is seen within the scientist characters in the novel. The scientists in the novels are a reflection of Stoker and Shelly interpretation of the conflicting ideals. The conflicting ideological clash has set similarities and differences between the acting scientists of the novels, which in turn affects their view on technology.
According to Stoker and Shelly the advancement of the sciences has enlightened our society, but has left us vulnerable to the unknown. The unknown can be the supernatural or ideals that are long forgotten. Our abandonment of the old institutions, such as religion has left society in the dark due to these unknowns. In order to depict the conflict between the old and new ideals, such as science and religion, the authors use the scientist in the stories to illustrate the conflict of ideology. The conflicting ideological clash is seen in Van Helsing and Frankenstein. They are the only characters’ in the novels who pursue both the old and new studies. in order to gain a better understanding of the…

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