The Author Of Wasted : A Memoir Of Anorexia And Bulimia Essay

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Marya Hornbacher is the author of Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia. Throughout her autobiography she recounts her struggles of having eating disorders and her battles to overcome the episodes. Hornbacher eloquently describes the physical and mental toll brought on by bulimia and anorexia. As a child, she had obsessive thoughts in having a thin figure, along with being observant with food she and others ate. Her memoir aims to give readers an insight into what people with eating disorders faces. Hornbacher at a young age detested her body, and held a negative perspective on her self-image. She would often compare herself to individuals who have thin figures, for instance at the age of five she compared herself to “the bathing suit lady in the Diet Lipton Iced Tea commercials, tan and long and thin” (Hornbacher 11). These negative thoughts eventually caused her to have a disconnection with herself, causing her to feel as though she did not belong anywhere. In some way, it was a sense of identity crisis that led her to struggle in establishing a sense of self worth. She eventually conditioned herself to see her own body as a disgusting figure often intertwine with food, for example, she calls herself a “pig” (Hornbacher 25). Hornbacher grew up in the metropolitan area of California as a single child to two parents. In her memoir, she described how her parents had marital issues that contributed to the development of her eating disorder. However, throughout the book…

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