Is Edward De Vere Responsible For Shakespeare's Work?

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“To be or not to be: that is the question.” This quote is most likely one of the most highly famous and sought after lines in English literature. This quote is derived from the Shakespeare play Hamlet. Throughout history, William Shakespeare has received the praise of creating this work. However, recent evidence and theories have risen that suggest William Shakespeare is not the actual creator of these famous plays. A man called Shakspere had been thought of as the actual writer. However, he grew up in an illiterate household and did not receive substantial education to have such vivid creations of life through plays. He is thought of to have attended Stratford grammar school, however, there is no standing evidence to have proved this theory. …show more content…
Edward De Vere received a considerable amount of education to be responsible for the plays. He is known to have composed, acted, and directed in an abundant amount of plays during the same time as the Shakespeare plays. Similar to Shakespeare, Edward was part of an acting group. According to the article entitled “Edward De Vere Authorship Argument”, “It is recognized by Oxfordians and Stratfordians alike that writing about royal courts, Italy and law required a certain prerequisite level of education. Edward De Vere fits the bill here since he is known to have graduated from Cambridge University at age 14, becoming master of arts at age of 16. Furthermore in view of plays like The Merchant of Venice which discussed law, De Vere studied law at Gray 's Inn. Account books clearly showed that Edward De Vere had an extensive library underlining his qualifications to write as knowledgeably as Shakespeare.” The man known as William Shakespeare and Edward De Vere are extremely similar, however, De Vere seems like a more probable author of the works. It is evident that De Vere received prime education to have written the works of William

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