The Author Of Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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What is the meaning of success? Success means different things to different people. One person thinks that success is becoming the CEO of a company while another thinks that success is living to ninety years old. In general, however, people achieve success when they accomplish their own life goals. Most people go about their lives making choices and acting in ways which will lead them to success. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, believes that choices by people do not influence their success in a big manner. Against popular opinion, he believes that a “self-made man” is imaginary; instead, circumstances, family background, and tolerance for hard work all contribute to success. Gladwell is correct that circumstances and family background influence success, but his assumption that only certain cultures have a tolerance for hard work is totally incorrect.
First, I agree with Gladwell that circumstances affect success. For example, a man goes to the store to get milk. He can either go to store one or store two, and on this day, he goes to store two. Store two happens to sell lottery tickets which the man buys just this one day. This single ticket ends up being a jackpot winner, winning the man fifty million dollars. The one ticket won the man the jackpot and financial success because of luck. Similarly, Gladwell attributes people’s success to other uncontrollable events such as birth years and historical occasions. He argues that people who were born in the correct year…

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