The Australian 's Humanitarian Program Essay

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The objective of this tutorial report is to analyze the Australian’s Humanitarian Program and what are the main policies for that population in the Australian context. Thus, particular, the report is focused on identifying the category of visas for the displaced population and, in the last part, discusses the contributions of the forcibly displaced population to the Australia society.

The forcibly displaced population in the Global International Migration context
Forced displaced population is a fundamental trend of the new global international migration scenario which has been related to the globalization. To the date, this issue is a major area of interest for researchers due to the growing trend of such population over the last decades.
According to the data in the United Nation’s Report, in 2014 at least 59 million of people were forced displaced population. In 2015, the UN recorded the number of 65 million of people displaced from their country which can be considered as refugees or asylum seekers.
The refugees and asylum seekers are considered forcibly displaced population, nevertheless, it should be mentioned the difference between both of them to understand the Australian policies:
- The asylum seekers are the individual that request asylum in o. Thus, they could be potential refugees (UNHCR, 2006).

- The refugee is the individual who lives outside of their home country because of armed conflicts or the fear of being persecuted due to the…

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