The Australian Counselling Association For Counselling And The Career Industry Council Of Australia

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The Australian Counselling association (ACA) along with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) and the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) are three governing bodies that have developed codes of ethics and professional standards, which provide explicit guidelines on ethical functional and professional conduct for helping professionals. Mental health organisations such as the ACA have developed the Code of Ethics and Practice (2013) with a with the objective to provide clarity on the stance of the organisation, protect consumers and provide explicit standards of ethical conduct for counsellors (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2011).

Varying levels of ethical practice describe the ethical functioning that the helping professional has adopted with their client. Mandatory and aspirational ethics are two levels of ethical functioning that define the level of ethical behaviour that the counsellor has practiced. Mandatory ethics highlights that counsellors have acted in compliance with the minimal level of practice compared to aspirational ethics, which represents the highest level of ethical functioning that counsellors should aspire to and is centred around what is in the best interests for the client (Corey, 2015).

Counsellors need to be familiar with their organisation’s code of ethics in order to develop an ethical way of responding when an ethical dilemma arises. An ethical dilemma is a situation where a counsellor needs to adopt a framework of moral…

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