The Australia 's School Of The Air Essay

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The beautiful history of the Australia 's School of the Air (SOA) begins as the concept of an innovative thinker and organizer in the early 1900’s. His portrait can still be viewed today on one side of the Australian twenty note; the Reverend John Flynn. In 1921 he conceptualized the combined use of two technologies: the Alfred Traeger 's pedal-powered radio and the Royal Flying Doctor Service ( the world 's first air ambulance) The idea to bring education to the children of Australias Outback was born in 1946, when Miss Adelaide Miethke noticed how outback children and teachers could utilize the radio network, maintained by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, to make two-way educational broadcasts via pedal radio. "The aim of School of the Air has from its start been to bring isolated children out of the silence and give them a sense of belonging." (cite some one here) The first SOA in Australia was established at Alice Springs on 8th June 1951. (cite)
Today tiny voices of primary and secondary age school children ring out over the short wave radio airwaves and over the internet. The official, song of the SOA is titled, United by Voice. “Divided by distance United by voice Together we can shine When communication And education Bring choices to our lives…United by Voice Bridge – But that won’t break the bond we share For true friends are always there We make it through and work as one ‘Cause learning on the air is fun We never want this life to change ‘Cause…

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