The Attainment Of Framework Of Sustainable Construction Principles

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The attainment of framework of sustainable construction principles is implemented through legislation, policies and strategies (i.e. methods, building tools and construction practices). Legislation and policy were introduced by construction organisation, and the governments worldwide to control the impact of construction activities on society and the environment. It is a minimum requirement and compliance of construction firms to follow professional and industry codes of practice and guidelines when implementing sustainable construction practices. The imposing of legislations and policies has driven construction firms to strategic plan their construction activities (Tan, Shen & Yao 2010).Australia 6 star energy rating Environmental management tools such as the Environmental Assessment (EA), Environmental Management System (EMS) and building assessment tools are strategies that is adopted to achieve sustainable construction.
The EA is applied in the planning and design stage of projects to ensure the process of identifying environmental uncertainty of development proposal. Furthermore, to resolve any appropriate measures of potential negative impacts towards the environments, social and economic. From each stage of the project life cycle, the EA aims to formulate and evaluate alternatives option at each stage from sourcing materials and products selection, and efficiency usage (water, energy and land), and construction activities undertaken. For instance, when evaluating…

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