How Did 9/11 Changed American Society

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The attacks of September11, 2001 changed American society forever. Due to this event, several people endured loss and grief. This occurrence was a tragic event happened in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Also, the aftermath of the attacks showed and reviled stories of heroism and sacrifices that motivated them all. The effect of the terrorist attacks, and innocent victims, let people from around the world to offer their support, encouragement, and blessings of America. However, this date is significant to America as it symbolizes pain, sadness, generosity, and courage. Several people were heartbroken when they found out their loved one had died. Millions of them from all over the world, watched as the attacks start to unfold. Citizens began rushing into the burning Towers and helped one another to escape, especially the highest level …show more content…
On the Other hand, Al Qaeda is an Arabic term that means base. It’s a terrorist’s organization that supports activities of being a Muslim extremist around the World. Al Qaeda is actually located in Afghanistan. Afghanistan used to be part of Iraq but somehow they separated each other. In Al Qaeda terrorists had a strategy where they can hide their stuff and protecting them self by making tunnels underground. These tunnels are about 12ft underground and most of them are surrounded with weapons and bombs. U.S troops were ready to take down Al Qaeda. When they arrived, there were terrorists surrounding them and shooting on them. Almost half of the troops died and most injured. At the end The U.S. troops won the fight in Afghanistan and took down every single troop in there. They only left one where they couldn’t find, it was Osama Bin Laden the leader of Al Qaeda. He somehow managed to run away from this attack. Later on, Sunday may 1, 2001 that Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Troops on the ground in 40 minutes’ fire fight (Osama bin laden). That when U.S. finally get their

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