The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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December 7, 1941 Japan tries to make a decisive assault and sucker punch the American forces in hopes to do enough damage to keep them out of their own expansionist war. Unfortunately for Japan it did not go as planned, and, in fact, did the exact opposite. Although the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor did severely damage the American fleet it only temporarily stopped them from responding. Along with the damaged fleet the Japanese had given the American people a reason to no longer remain isolationist and thus brought America into World War II.
The attack from the Japanese on America continued after Pearl Harbor taking Guam and Wake Island. The Japanese remained on the offensive against America until mid-1942 when Australian and New Zealander forces were able to put a halt to the Japanese advances. From there the turning point in the Pacific war came with the American naval victory in the Battle of Midway. This allowed American forces to now place their own offensive against the Japanese. Attacking territories under their control in the pacific making their forces withdraw to the homeland. The conquering of the pacific islands did come with a cost and significant casualties were sustained by allied forces. At the same time that the offensive in the Pacific was happening a group of scientist were working on creating an atomic bomb in a project known as the Manhattan project. The Manhattan project was an attempt to discover atomic weaponry before the Germans could. Albert…

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