Essay about The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The United States has had a very gruesome past many could say. War is one of the first things that pops into my head when I hear “United States”. The U.S has participated in a handful of wars throughout a long period of time, and in some of them the U.S should not have been involved. An example of one war they should have not participated in was the Vietnam war, one of the most despised wars in American history. The Vietnam war was the first conflict displayed to the public and that is what sparked the loss of support from the civilians because they were seeing for the first time the horrific things the U.S was doing. One war that we were involved in occurred because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, a U.S naval base located in Hawaii. It is true that Japan attacked us, but many question whether the U.S actually attempted to prevent these attacks from happening. There have been many conspiracy theories that were developed about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only are there conspiracy theories regarding Pearl Harbor there are many more regarding the U.S government and other events that have occurred. Some examples are MKUltra which was the U.S government 's attempt to control people 's minds, Area 51 and how they are hiding critical information like the existence of aliens, and one of the most known which are the conspiracy theories regarding the September 11th attacks. The September 11th attacks is one of the most tragic events that has occurred in American history, a day where…

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