The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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The Attack on Pearl Harbor

The “Gibraltar” of the Pacific (also known as) Pearl Harbor was the headquarters for the United States Pacific fleet from the years 1899-1941. This monumental place experienced one of the most devastating attacks in United States history which left them no choice but to join World War II. But, did they really have a choice? In early January 1941 the United States Ambassador to Japan sent an urgent message to the U.S warning them of a surprise attack to pearl harbor. Who was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor? More importantly was America persuaded by important figures of the country and other countries to use nuke on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war?

One of the main reasons for the invasion was addressed in 1940. The United States stopped all imports and exports going to Japan such as, steel, scrap iron, and fuel. The reason for the U.S’s meddling is due to the fact of Japan’s takeover of The Northern French Indochina from September 22, 1940 till September 26, 1940. With intentions on invading more of the Indochina, Southern Indochina to be precise, Japan signed an alliance treaty with Germany, and Italy on September 27, 1941 which is later known as the Axis Alliance. With the Axis Alliance now in play, and the United States setting an embargo act towards Japan, it gave Japan a chance to feel confident enough to retaliate and plan an attack on Pearl Harbor. The first warning of a possible attack from Japan came in a coded…

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