The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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The attack on Pearl Harbor The Pearl Harbor was a naval base of the United States. On December 7, the harbor was attacked by the Japanese Navy during the World War 2. The attack on the Pearl Harbor was the main event that led the United States to join the World War 2. The urge to become the most powerful nation in Asia was the main reason why Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor. The attack of the Pearl Harbor acted as a turning point not only to the United States, but also to the World War 2. As noted earlier, Japan wanted to be the most powerful nation in Asia. In an effort to become the most powerful nation in Asia, Japan started invading China. By invading China, Japan acquired some materials such as iron, rubber, oil and coal which were essential during the war. In the meantime, the United States was offering some help to Britain. It did that by providing supplies to Britain through the ships. Although the ships transporting the supplies were constantly under attack by German submarines, the United States neither joined the war nor stopped giving the supplies to Britain. Consequently, there was increased tension between the United States and Japan. Japan saw that the United States was trying to prevent them from being the most powerful nation in Asia. The decision by the United States to move from San Diego to the Pearl Harbor was very humiliating to the Japanese. The Japanese therefore, decided to invade the Pearl Harbor. The invasion of the Pearl Harbor was the turning…

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