The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay examples

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America was a major combatant in one of the bloodiest wars in human history, World War Two. If America had not entered this conflict, the outcome may have been completely different, and the world significantly different than from what it is now. It may have been the attack on Pearl Harbor that officially marked America’s entrance into the war, but the reason actually stems back about 90 years ago, when Commodore Mathew Perry forced Japan open to trade. It was Commodore Perry who encountered Japan after 90 long years in America’s stead that inadvertently exchanged ideas with the Japanese and sowed the seeds for World War Two. Rapid economic and military growth coupled with a deep-seated hatred for the west after Perry’s forced encounter in 1854, caused Japan to attack America and bring them into World War Two. Prior to Commodore Perry’s arrival to Japan in July 8, 1853, Japan has isolated itself to the outside world. At the time, Japan’s only interaction with an outside nation was limited to trading with the Dutch, in which they only held loose relations. America saw Japan’s hostility to outside people first hand after their first expedition led by Commodore James Biddle in 1846. The Commodore’s ship was, “…quickly surrounded by Japanese guard boats and boarded by several of the shogun’s emissaries who diligently studied every component of the ship” (Garrison & Bank 2). Having seen Japan’s hostility first hand, they continue their efforts to open up Japan. Forcing a…

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