The Attack Of The Zombies Essay

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Attack of the Zombies As I drive to school, I look out the window and see nothing but little kids running around and people walking; all I feel is depression. Atlanta has a population of 443, 775 and soon it’ll be 443, 774. Everyone who lives here seems to be so happy, but I’m a caged animal who is ready to fly away. I’m about to graduate and I cannot wait to go to Julliard. This town is full of scum-sucking bullies. I guess the girl with a drunken mother and a father who committed suicide should be tormented everyday. The only people I have by my side are my best friends, Violeta and Spike. I’m the girl who acts as if she doesn’t care about anything and I have an edgy style. Violeta is this boho chic/ go green girl who is always happy. Spike is all sports all time even with her style; she just normal. I pull into Fredrick Douglas High School. I get out of my car and see Violeta . “I love the new Mercedes Bianca, but you don know this is polluting the air right?” I can always count on Violeta to speak her mind. “I’m sorry. It’s another stupid gift from amber and jack.” “I will never understand why you call you mom and step dad by their first name. you should forgive your mom already,” says Violeta. “When you have a mother who has been a drunk for most of your life then you can tell me what I should do.” She only became a drunk after your dad you know.” she doesn’t say the word because she know I will be furious. “At least she has been sober for a year,“…

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