The Attack Of The United States Essay

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On Tuesday morning of September 11 of 2001, 19 hijackers by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaida attacked the United States of America by crashing 2 American airlines planes into the north and south tower of the world trade center in New York city. In addition, there was a 3rd plane that crashed into the pentagon and another one that was supposed to crash in Washington D.C but end up crashing into a field in Pennsylvania after its passengers fought with the hijackers. The four planes with more than 200 people each, were going to California and San Francisco.
The south tower was the first one to come down after burning for 1 hour, later on the north tower collapsed at 10:28 am. The attacks took the life of three thousand people and six thousand more were injured. The brain of the terrorist attacks was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was born in Pakistan in march of 1965, he was a member of the terrorist group al Qaida and was accused of several terrorist plots including the 1993 bombing that took place in the world trade center. Khalid was captured in march 1 of 2003.
Counter-terrorism policy, as in all countries with public policy, it is the fruit of a long process of negotiation between the government and the opposition. As Martha Crenshaw says, "The US anti-terrorism policy is not simply a response to the threat of terrorism, whether in their own territory or abroad, but a reflection of the domestic political process. It is in the context of political debate, involving…

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