Essay about The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo

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The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo
Britt W. Gerdes
Grand Canyon University
Terrorism and Emergency Management
EMM 442
Prof. Jim Gallagher
August 30, 2010

The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo It was March 20, 1995 and the time was 0800 hours, when the City of Tokyo was subjected to a terrorist act by a radical religious group. This group was Aum Shinrikyo, when translated mean “supreme truth”. The attack consisted of members of Aum Shinrikyo releasing poisonous gas into the crowded subway system. This particular terrorist group did not coordinate the attack for political revenge; it was an organized religious group attempting to devastate the Japanese government. By using John Parachini’s risk assessment perspectives the Japanese
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State Department's Operations Center, and the Bureaus of Political-Military Affairs, and served as the director of Washington office of Monterey Institute of International Studies' Center. During his career he has become proficient in terrorism, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, arms control and even Asian security. So the big question is how should the Japanese government deal with the biological and chemical terrorism? Now, one can understand the forecast of a biological assault are secluded, never the less they are still achievable. So the test of the government is how to put virtual risks in suitable point of view and still get around future possibilities that are improbable, but still possible. In order to meet the challenge of dealing with a biological and chemical attack is alarming, especially since the view of any attack tends to implant panic that is time and again inconsistent from the threat at hand. According to John Parachini,“In terms of biological terrorism, we have tended to conflate the heightened attention to the prospect of terrorist attacks with unconventional weapons brought on by the Aum subway attack. This has led us to cast the threat in terms of what we fear the most, not necessarily what terrorist can or plan to do” (Combating Terrorism: Assessing the Threat of Biological Terrorism, 2001). So when you take a look at the re-examination, the experience of what the Aum did show the United States

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