The Atomic Bomb Essay

1110 Words Jun 10th, 2015 null Page
Throughout our history we’ve evolved with science and technology and it has taken us to great heights. But haven’t there been times where we’ve taken science too far? That’s what took place in the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. Victor Frankenstein took science too far and as a result had negative outcomes that would result in his death. Another event that is similar to this would be the creation of the Atomic Bomb which also resulted in negative outcomes that would lead to horrible deaths. Both events can show how taking science to an extreme can have horrifying results. Of course the creators of these events were willing to go to the extreme for their causes. But the creators in both situations may have not realized till after the long term effects the creations might produce. The creators as well, may have lived in regret after realizing how taking science too far can have negative effects. The lesson to take into consideration is, If you tamper with science and take it too far don’t be surprised if the ending results are horrifying. “In other studies you go as far as others have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder” (Frankenstein ch. 4), this is what the creator, Victor Frankenstein said about him pursuing scientific discovery. This quote from Victor Frankenstein shows how committed and passionate he is into finding scientific discovery, even if that means going too…

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